Archean Essence, also referred to as Divine Spirit, is the name given to the residue remaining following the sacrifice of the Divine Six. There are 6 different Archean Essences, each corresponding to a member of the Divine Six. An Archean Essence is typically reffered to as a gem, however it may take on a number of different forms depending on its environment. Consumption of an Archaen Essence gives the user its respective Kigen, however few survive assimilation.

History Edit

Current Locations Edit

Aka's Stone Edit

Aka's Stone was stolen and ingested by Yami Kurayamino from the Volatile Sage after he mounted an assault on Crimson Peak, Sage Islands. After his death, the essence was taken by Kai Sanzyuda.

Dai's Stone Edit

Dai's Stone was initially bestowed upon the Mushi family, however the clan feared it would not be able to protect it adeptly and consequently left it with the Nekota clan, where it remained for some time. The death of Leonidas Nekota lead to the Third Branch discovering its location. Leonidas Nekota was eventually used as the host for Dai's spirit and the stone.

Kiro's Stone Edit

Kiro's Stone was left with the Ikenga Clan.

Mido's Stone Edit

With Seikatsu and the White Tree.

Ao's Stone Edit

Ao's Stone was kept in the Kokoda family for several generations. It was ingested by the leader Suro Kokoda following the threat of the clan's extinction in the 2nd Era. Suro and his successors used the stone intensely for elimination, leading to a mutation in the stone's Kigen and the consequent need to feed on human flesh. Following the demise of the Kokoda clan, Ijuiin Kokoda is currently the only living host.

Mura's Stone Edit

Unknown. Possibly Violet Peak, Sage Islands under the protection of the Pensive Sage.