Sejurno: Empires Edit

Induction Arc Edit

Jay Raider vs Kai Sanzyuda

Beast Hunters Arc Edit

Vermillion Island Arc Edit

Gozaboru Nobusake & Jay Raider vs Richard Flynn

Promotion Arc Edit

Jay Raider vs Taru Kuraima

Kai Sanzyuda vs Ninten

Panic Arc Edit

Richard Flynn vs Jay Raider

Sergei Beshkov vs Kuzan Yoshimura

Vladimir Beshkov vs Sergei Beshkov

Kuzan Yoshimura vs Vincenze Nonno

Conflict Arc Edit

Jay Raider vs Kai Sanzyuda

Zuba Arc Edit

Netsubo Zuba vs Jay Raider, Kai Sanzyuda & Serana Lupino

Damocles vs Netsubo Zuba

Kazen vs Damocles & The Deathborn

Sejurno: Destinies Edit

Infiltration Arc Edit

Kaiju Tanaka, Teru Kuraima and Diamonte Tyrre vs Sebastian Marshall

Kenkara Arc Edit

Slugger Maxwell vs Yen Okami

Fate Arc Edit

Jay Raider vs Kai Sanzyuda

Second Branch Arc Edit

Kaiju Tanaka vs Jay Raider,

War Arc Edit

Ken Tanaka vs Octagon Gozaboru

Sejurno: Legends Edit

War Arc Edit

Ultimate Arc Edit

2006: SEASON 1[25]: Induction (FLAT / ) FIRST APPEARANCES - Jay Raider LAST APPEARANCES -

2007: SEASON 2[25]: Beast Hunters Arc (FREED?M / ) - Put on basic beast hunting jobs - Try to prove themselves by taking on one of the larger beasts - After a struggle, manage to do it

SEASON 3[25]: Promotion Arc (I Wish / ) -

SEASON 4[13]: Delivery (Junjou Spectre / Silhouette)

2008: SEASON 5[13]: (Vermillion Island / ) - The Kaiden 3 are given the opportunity to visit the Vermillion Island, a neutral island used mostly for trading. Whilst there they encounter the Republic's Gozaboru who has decided to visit the island with his grandchildren. Although initially on edge, Gozaboru immediately quells any notion of fighting and instead offers to buy the group a round of dishes. Later on, one of the group is abducted.

SEASON 6[13]: Panic (You Are My Friend / )

SEASON 7[13]: ( / )

2009: SEASON 8[13]: Zuba (Last Train / ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sejurno Destinies

2010: SEASON 1[13]: Infiltration (Kyouta Hey Kids! / O2)

2011: SEASON 2[13]: Kenkara (Closer / Shinkokyuu) SEASON 3[13]: Memories (Sha La La / Just Be Friends) SEASON 4[13]: Second Strike (Blue Bird / Stairway Generation)

2012: SEASON 5[13]: Fate (Sakurai Mitsuki / Brave Shine) SEASON 6[13]: Republic (Clattanoia / ) SEASON 7[13]: War (Velonica / Great Escape)

2013: SEASON 8[13]: Darkness (Senno Tsubasa / Golden Time Lover) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sejurno Legends

2014: SEASON 1[16]: Dreams (Transfer)

2015: SEASON 2[16]: Search (Dilemma /) SEASON 3[16]: Ghost SEASON 4[16]: Yugo (Silhouette / )

2016: SEASON 5[16]: Resurrection (Glorious Days / ) SEASON 6[16]: SEASON 7[16]: White

2017: SEASON 8[16]: Gods

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