The Empire Military is the name given to the army in the Empire. It is controlled by the Emperor. It functions in a dynamic system where ranks report to ranks directly above them, allowing for optimum management.

Ranks Edit

Emperor [★H★O★L★Y★] Edit

Emperor, reffered to formally as Imperatus, is the highest rank in the Empire Military and the title given to the ruler of the Empire. Emperors govern the entirity of the Empire, and make significant decisions regarding war, finance and development. Their actions reflect the will of the people.

Emperors are decided by the previous Emperor and the previous Masters, taking into account power and tactial prowess (Note: The strongest is not always selected). To qualify as an Emperor, one must be at Master Rank. Following coronation, the Emperor wears a Golden Robe with the word HOLY between 5 stars.

Master [★★M★★] Edit

Masters are the second highest rank in the Empire. Masters have the same powers as Emperor, however their identity is kept secret from outside the Military and they may conduct their own actions. They are not required to attend government meetings in Capita, however may attend.

To become a Master one must be chosen by an Emperor and have proven they are significantly above an Overseer. Four masters may be appointed at once (formerly three before the reign of Octavius). Masters wear clothing of their choice, however still wear metal shoulder pads emblazened with 4 stars and an M.

Overseer [★★★] Edit

Overseers are the third highest rank in the Empire. Overseers each govern one of the 9 territories of the Empire. They act as the mayor of their territory. They are also requested to attend Government meetings in Capita.

To become an Overseer one must be Class VI or higher. Typically an Overseer is chosen if they know their hold well.

Commander [★★] Edit

Brigadiers [★] Edit

Proctor [// //] Edit

Officer [/] Edit

Senior Soldier [--] Edit

Junior Soldier [-] Edit