Ernest J. Baldwake, known as The Beggar, is the Overseer of Sarcana, The Empire.

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Ernest is first seen drinking outside the Imperial conference, begging those who walk by for money and slandering them when they ignore him. Once Commander Ghoul arrives, he promptly gets Ernest on his feet and requests that he put on his jacket and enter the conference. Ernest begrudgingly does as he says, where it is revealed that he is the Overseer of Sarcana. When Brigadier Wolsey asks Ghoul how such a man could make it to Overseer, Ghoul simply replies that one only needs to see him in battle to understand why he was appointed.

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Upon the Republic's invasion of Sarcana, the first group of soldiers enters the city to find Ernest slouched by a tree drinking. The soldiers instantly draw their weapons and demand that he give them information on the town. Ernest laughs before using his Gen: Mind Melt to immbolize and disarm the group. Upon interrogating them, Ernest learns that more soldiers are coming and contacts his 3 commanders to assemble their forces.