Genpaktu Sorain, often shortened to Gen Sorain, is a Officer for the Empire. He wields the Akage's Fire Form (III) and the Daige's Super Strength (IV). His dream is to colonize the Wasteland and unite the Republic and the Empire under one domain.

He is currently working with his team (Ayumi Nara, Pan Nekota and Justin Aider) to identify the base of The Black Tree.

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Genpaktu Nutuo Sorain was born in Leira, the Empire in the year DCXXII.

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"To move forward, the world must bow down to one Leader." - Genpaktu Sorain, Sejurno Legends
Genpaktu is notably very arrogant. He believes himself to be the only one strong enough to conjure up an alliance between the Empire and the Republic.

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Genpaktu was chosen to be amongst the team of soldiers commanded by Jay Raider following his entry into the army.

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