Gozaboru Nobusake is an . He wields the Daige: Octopus.

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Gozaboru Nobusake was born to the Nobusake clan in the Republic. He was considered reliable but never powerful enough to command his own squad however he gained a reputation after his actions at the Wasteland War. He was promptly given a chair at the Knight's Table.

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Gozaboru is already inside the take-out restaurant when Jay and Kai burst in. Initially, Commander Kozaky is worried about encountering one of the Knights of The Round, however Gozaboru assures them that he is not interested in breaking the rules of the island, even going as far as to say he hopes that peace is found between the two nations. After Kai is kidnapped by the Sting Group, Jay boldly asks Gozaboru for his help which he agrees to. Gozaboru helps to locate the Sting Group's base of operations where he takes down the leader alongside Commander Kozaky. Once Kai is retrieved, Gozaboru compliments everyone on their ability to battle and claims it would be an honor to fight against them if the moment ever came. When pressed, Gozaboru admits that there is a strong possibility that a war would break out soon.

After Jay's group heads out, Gozaboru receives a call from the 1st Chair's Lancelot who demands information on the Republic soldiers involved in the situation. Gozaboru claims to have not been involved enough to provide anything of note. After ending the call, Gozaboru thinks back to his actions in the war.

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