Ijuiin Kokoda (also known as Demon, The Last Kokoda, Man-Eater and The Most Feared Man In The Empire) is the Eighth Emperor (Imperator Octavius) of the Empire.

He was the adopted son of Imperator Sextus and is the only surviving member of the Kokoda clan. He wields a mutation of the Aoge's Kigen known as The Blue Demon.

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Ijuiin Kokoda was born into the Kokoda clan at The Tear, the Wasteland at a time where the Kokoda clan had been declared a worldwide threat by The Republic and The Empire. His father had been hunted down and killed by soldiers days prior to his birth. Some time after Ijuiin turned 2 the Kokoda clan elder, Azjer Kokoda, declared the Kokoda Genocide however when the day came his mother, who had the duty of killing him, could not bring herself to do it and instead hid him nearby. Following the genocide, Ijuiin was left alone and survived purely by eating the bodies of his clan. He was discovered by Sozen Kozui who, pitying the child, fed Ijuiin some of his own flesh and took him to the Empire.

Ijuiin fought in the 5th Great War as a Commander alongside Oki Ishido and Pan Nekota, under Ken Tanaka. He was famously the soldier that eliminated an entire battalion singlehandely, earning him the name Devil in the Republic. He was appointed a Master by Imperator Septimus as a result, at only 21 years old and spearheaded his own covert missions (Second Branch, Empires).

Ijuiin was also called into action following the Republic's attempted surprise attack on Kaiden. Despite bringing a team with him, he momentously eliminated the entire opposing fleet by himself. He delivered the corpses of those he could find back to the city, and assisted in conducting the appropriate funeral rites. At this time, he overheard the determined words of Jay Raider amongst the weeping, and remembered them for some time.