Jay N. Raider, also known as The Renegade and Kizuna, is an ex-Overseer from the Empire. He is the son of Nelo Raider and an unnamed refugee. He wields the Shiroge: Bond. As a result he can use Duplication (VIII), Cryokinesis (VII) and Telekinesis (V).

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Jay Nelo Raider was born to an unknown Wasteland tribeswoman and Nelo Raider whilst Nelo was stationed in the Wasteland to collect information on Republican Ministers. Following Jay's birth, his mother left him with Nelo. (Induction, Empires) She instructed him to take care of their child until their eventual reunion. As a result of this, the distraught Nelo left the wasteland to his hometown Kaiden to raise his son as a single parent.

Growing up, Jay spent a lot of time with family friend Luna Usaka. He also befriended other children in the village including Ali Ruijin'en and Sakumo Keibo. He made his dislike of village orphan Kai Sanzyuda clear and the two fought regularly as children, with Jay often losing. His ambitious and hot-headed nature reminded many of his father (Memories, Empires).

When Jay was 6, following the year long "War for the Wasteland IV", Nelo was one of the soldiers who voluntarily left Kaiden to stall approaching Republic forces in time for the army to intervene. This sacrifice resulted in Kaiden's protection at the cost of his father's death. Jay gained Nelo's Ge following this, however believed it to be a late maturation of his wn Ge. The death of his father spurred Jay to bring an end to all wars. He believed the only way to do this was to become powerful enough to mediate them, and to do this he decided to train to enlist in the Empire Military. (Induction, Empires).

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"There will be no more war... no more loss... Because I'm going to end it all!" - Jay Raider, Sejurno Empires
"I never want to feel that helpless again..." - Jay Raider, Sejurno Destinies
Jay's personality has changed significantly over the course of the series. Initially, Jay was extremely passionate and hot-headed. He would often enter fights he had no chance of winning purely to get stronger (Induction, Empires). He held a strong belief in doing the right thing and as a result was extremely optimistic.

Following the events of Empires, Jay Raider notably became colder and more distant. He was regularly lost in thought and rarely registered interest in anything. He also felt extremely hopeless following his encounter with Branch 2 of The Black Tree as he felt the group was much stronger than he was (Second Branch Strike, Destinies). He began to return to his old personality following his battle with Kai (Fateful Encounters, Destinies).

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Jay wields the Shiroge's Power Absorption. When somebody he has formed a bond with dies, he may obtain their Ge. The exact cirtumstances of this bond are currently unknown. He first gained his father's Duplication, which now allows him to duplicate himself up to 4 times. Following his confrontation with Zuba, he gained Luna's Cryokinesis which allows him to construct intricate Ice Trails when battling. Jay also gained Oki's Telekinesis following his sacrifice after the war, and appears to wield it adeptly. When Jay gains a power, he gains it at Class I. Additionally Jay does not gain the Ge itself, simply the power.

As he wields the Shiroge, Jay can detect any Ge within a certain range however he cannot determine what Ge it is. Unfortunately this means Jay can be detected by any other wielders of Ge but similarly they cannot detect what Ge Jay wields. It is often assumed by people detecting Jay that he wields the same Ge as them.

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