Kigen, or Origin Powers, are Ge that were once wielded by the Divine Six. They are much more powerful than regular Ge but require a significantly greater amount of energy to use. They visually appear the same colour as their Ge when used. They also do not fall under any Class.

A Kigen may only be obtained from consumption of an Archean Essence, or inherited from someone who has consumed an Archean Essence.

Kigen Edit

Akage: The Red Lightning Edit

The Red Lightning is the Ge to emit controllable red jets of electricity that can cut through anything. The only current wielder is Seiju Kurayamino. Previous known wielders include Aka and Yami Kurayamino.

Daige: The Orange ??? Edit

Kiroge: The Yellow ??? Edit

Midoge: The Green ??? Edit

Aoge: The Blue Being Edit

The Blue Being is the Ge to transform into an invincible, powerful celestial being. Ijuiin Kokoda has a malformed version of this known as The Blue Demon. The only known previous wielder is Ao.

Murage: The Purple ??? Edit