Kuzan Yoshimura, known as Shadow Force Kuzan, is an Overseer of the Empire who governs Anasaki. He wields the Aogen: Shadow Body which allows him to take the form of a shadow to move.

Sejurno Edit

Empires Edit

Panic Arc Edit

2 hours after the breakout, Kuzan appears at the Anasaki Prison with Commander Hanzo and several Brigadiers. He encounters a group of prisoners led by Roark The Strong who had intented to sneak past the reinforcements as they arrived and break out. Kuzan detects them and, after a brief interrogation, kills them.

Zuba Arc Edit

Kuzan is one of the 6 Overseers present for the Imperial Summons following Zuba's attack in Aomori. He briefly attempts to converse with Overseer Beshkov however after recieving no response, he switches chairs.