Lucian F. Grey, also known as The Silkworm, is the head of the Kenkara Organisation. As a result of this, he is the most wanted man in the world and is associated with a host of assassinations since the organisations inception, amongst which includes the death of President Hugo Wolsey. His Gen is the Midogen: Gold.

History Edit

Silkworm was born in the working district of Selsdown, The Republic. He was abandoned by his parents at the Selsdown Orphanage, a care home exclusively for Ningen children, because of the strange scar on his forehead. Believing himself to be ningen, Silkworm spent his early years hoping to be adopted so he could live a normal life and one day study to be a businessman however the parents who entered the orphanage were always put off by his appearance. His prolonged stay at the orphanage lead to him becoming popular amongst the other older children. His Gen matured when he turned 8, however the older children forbid him from showing any of the teachers at the orphanage as they realised the potential of his unique Ge. He and the other children used to bulk buy sweets and sell them to the younger children. Marco Steel, an older child who was scheduled to be adopted, realised that eventually Silkworm would be discovered as a Sugen, and therefore requested his adopted parents to adopt them both or he would stay at the orphanage. They agreed, and the two travelled to live in Washington State.

Marco helped Silkworm to train his Gen and soon Silkworm was able to produce a large rock of gold a day. Silkworm researched his power and noticed that his Gen was not like others in that it was entirely unique but also that he had to prolong his use of it in order to increase gold yields. After a sizeable amount of gold had been formed, Silkworm and Marco ran away from home to join Marco's brother Lizard. The reason for this was twofold: firstly, Silkworm's Gen had matured to a point where it had become detectable and, secondly, Lizard was involved with a minor criminal organisation and could generate profit on the gold Silkworm was already generating. To protect Silkworm, Marco claimed that it was he who had the Gen and that he could not use it when he was being watched. The two lived with Lizard for some years and soon