Montgomery Sebastian was the Elder Sage of the Tombstone Isles. He was the father of Marshall Sebastian and the grandfather of Mabel Sebastian. He wielded the Akagen: Giant Mammoth.

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Montgomery Sebastian was born in the Lodos province of Azuria in the 5E:2/3/4. He served in the Azurian military, eventually rising to the rank of Commander in the _ region, married and had a son, Marshall. Montgomery first realised the extent of Body Gen he possessed given the stamina he demonstrated in combat. He had a sudden change of heart to dedicate his energy to learning more about his Gen and therefore quit the military and left his family behind to become a Sage. He remained close with his family but requested his son be raised in Azuria so that he could "forge his own path". At some point, his wife died. The research Montgomery performed over the 40 years he had spent on the island lead him to eventually be given the positon of Elder Sage.

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When quizzed about his father, Marshall states that Montgomery is "half as big as me but twice as powerful". Mabel Sebastian cites her grandfather as "old, but in a good way".

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Montgomery secretly visits Azuria following the death of his son. He returns home and convenes a meeting of the 3 Elder Sages to discuss taking physical action against the threat of Black Gen however is instantly refuted by Tzu who reminds Montgomery of the Sage's responsibilities and code. Montgomery consequently retires from the position of Elder Sage to seek out revenge independently.

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Montgomery's life was allegedly saved by the future 5th Emperor, V. Cicero, during war with Venila.