Morto Noctis was the 4th Chair of the Scarle Republic's Knights of the Round.

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Morto appeared near Azur's patrol border of The Wastelands prior to the prison breakout demanding to speak with a high ranking military officer. After some confrontation Azur's forces finally relented and called in Zaoyun Lee, who at the time was ranked a Commander, to meet with him. Morto refused to believe that Zaoyun was a Commander which resulted in Zaoyun cutting Morto's arm off. Morto responded by engaging Zaoyun in combat. After Morto regenerated his arm using his Gen, he handed Zaoyun a Purple Scroll before disappearing in a flock of crows.

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Morto Noctis appears during the invasion,

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Morto wields the Akagen: Flesh-Eating Crows. He can turn parts of his body into crows which he can control. If he is injured, he can simply convert the wounded part of his body into a crow and make another crow eat it to heal him. If he suffers several severe wounds, he can expend Gen to convert his heart into a Soul Crow and, as long as that crow survives, he can rebuild himself in another location. He can also sprout wings and fly and change his eyes to that of a crows to better perceive moving objects. (Breakout, Destinies).

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