Nelo S. Raider, known to many as Nelo, was a Commander for the Empire. He was the father of Jay Raider.

Background Edit

Nelo S. Raider was born in Kaiden, the Republic during the 6th Era. As a teenager, Nelo was notoriously rebellious and frequently got himself into trouble to get attention, often using his Cloning Ge as a way of doing this. At 16, Nelo was drafted into the Empire Military as he had no other option and had failed all of his exams. Although showing some interest in military activities, Nelo was largely considered an underachiever. He slacked off duties regularly to talk to women or drink. As punishment for this, Commander Basch sent Nelo on a solo data collecting mission deep within the Wasteland to determine whether or not he would remain in the Military. If he succeeded in retaining important information, he would be promoted. Nelo left on his two year mission at 19.

Nelo's isolation in the Wasteland left him extremely bored, which consequently led to him befriending tribes around the area. He was even accepted into the Okomi tribe. His womanizing ways hadn't left him, however, and he eventually became romantically involved with Rinaku Senkaire, a mysterious woman from the Seraph tribe. His feelings intensified and he considered settling down with her, however she disappeared a month after their meeting. When Nelo was 20, he left his shack to find a baby and a note. The note read: "Dearest Nelo, this child is ours and I give him to you as a gift. He cannot be with me. I have brought him into a war he is not yet ready for. Do not worry, one day I will come back for you and Jay. Please, be patient". Nelo, distraught he had both failed his mission and lost his freedom, returned to his hometown with his child and was subsequently discharged from the Empire Military.

Nelo spent two years attempting to raise the child, obtaining advice from former teammate Noro Usaka. Although somewhat resentful towards Jay for effectively ending his future, he grew to care and love him. Determined to make an income to allow the child to go to school, Nelo begged Commander Basch to allow him to return to the military. After success in a reconaissance mission, Nelo was reinstated into the Empire Military as an Officer at 22. Nelo progressed well through the Military, taking his duties seriously however still taking time off to spend with Jay. He eventually managed to fully fund Jay's education after his bonus at becoming a Brigadier.

Nelo was 24 when the 5th Great War began. He was recruited to a sector of the Wasteland where he and his squad managed to overthrow Republic forces for several months. He returned home a war hero, however stated what he had done was far from heroic. Soon after his return, the Republic mounted a surprise attack on Kaiden and Seven gave the order for any able-bodied adult to attempt to stall. Nelo, considering the future of his child, put himself forward to lead the inhabitants of Kaiden. The tactical counterattack designed by Nelo managed to achieve the delay at the cost of the lives of everyone involved. Nelo's death lead to him being post-humously promoted to Commander. (Memories, Destinies)