Oki T. Ishido was a Master of the Empire during the Seventh Era. He wielded the Murage's Telekinesis, notably at Class X.

Oki was born without Ge but later experimented on intensely by Shon Lee, leading to expression of his ancestral bloodline's Telekinesis. Because he was severly bipolar, he made a request to Seven to contain him at the bottom floor of the Empire Prison. He died after overloading his Ge to suspend the atomic bomb dropped by The 20th President.

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Oki Tomo Ishido was born into the Ishido clan at Isles, the Empire. He was born with no apparent Ge. When he was 3, his family home was burnt down under mysterious circumstances. After losing their home and parents, Oki and his younger brother were taken in by Shon Lee. Although it seemed a gesture of goodwill at first, it turned out Shon only adopted the two to awaken the Murage that the Ishido clan once held. The next 13 years consisted of daily experimentation and torture by Shon on the Ishido siblings. Oki's younger brother died early on in this process, and Oki lost his sanity soon after this event. Shon was eventually discovered and arrested, however he had succeeded somewhat as Oki had weakly developed the Murage's Telekinesis. His abilities grew exponentially over time and he joined the Empire Military simply because he had no goals in his life. (Emergence, Destinies)

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