The Empire is the name given to the land mass encompassing the 9 settlements south of The Wasteland. The Empire is run as a monarchy and is currently lead by its 8th Emperor, Ijuiin Kokoda.

History Edit

Origin Edit

The Empire was formed as a result of an alleigance between the leaders of Del, The Veldt, Seioko and the Ranjii Islands. A monarchy was implemented with the strongest of the four, Roji S. Del, dubbed the "Emperor", the one who would make ultimate rulings and critical decisions. Falling under him were the three subsequent leaders, named "Masters" and et-cetera.

Hierachy Edit

Each rank reports directly to the rank above it. In this way, a dynamic army is formed.

Emperor Edit

"Emperor" is the title given to the leader of the Empire. It is the highest rank in the Empire, and only one person may hold this rank at a time. The rank can only be bestowed by an Emperor or a congregation of Masters. The Emperor governs the entireity of the Empire, and has the final say on every decision that occurs. Only one person may hold this title at a time.

Known Emperors Edit

Era Name Title Term
1st Roji S. Del Primus
2nd Saruma A. Del Secundus
3rd Victor Krruz Tertius
4th Mado O. Surugu-Kazin Quartius
5th Kendo S. Lore Quintus
6th Sozen U. Kozui Sextus 30 year term
7th Ken T. Tanaka Septimus 14 year term
8th Ijuiin Kokoda Octavius MCVII - present

Master Edit

"Master" is the second-highest rank in the Empire, holding the same authority as Emperor. An individual who wishes to become a Master must have Ge at Class VI or higher, and chosen by an Emperor. Masters typically undergo large-scale missions of their own accord. Up to the 6th Era, only 3 people could hold this title at a time however following "The Call of Arms", 4 people can now be Masters.

Known Masters Edit



5th Genbu G. Akasha

Leonidas R. Nekota

Ken T. Tanaka

6th Genbu Akasha

Ijuiin Kokoda

Oki T. Ishido

Leonidas R. Nekota

7th Kai Sanzyuda

Overseer Edit

"Overseer" is the third highest rank in the Empire. An individual who wishes to become an Overseer must hold Ge at Class V or higher, and be chosen by a Master. Overseers govern each of the 9 holds and report back to the Emperor. Following the coronation of an Emperor, each Master chooses three Overseers for a total of 9. Following "The Call of Arms", there are now 12 Overseers.

Brigadier Edit

"Brigadier" is the fourth highest rank in the Empire. An individual who wishes to become a Brigadier must be appointed by an Overseer. Brigadiers assist their high Overseer in governing their holds, and they may also be involved in border skirmishes. 27 Brigadiers existed prior to "The Call of Arms", which permitted 48 Brigadiers.

Commander Edit

"Commander" is the fifth highest rank in the Empire. An individual who wishes to become a Commander must hold Ge at Class IV or higher and be appointed by any higher rank. Commanders are involved in intel missions, soldier training, education/finance and occasionally gathering rescources. 81 Commanders.

Proctor Edit

243 people

Officer Edit

749 people

Superior Edit

1111 people

Soldier Edit

1112 people