Morto Noctis was the 4th Chair of the Republic's Knights of the Round. He wielded the Dai Gen: Flesh Eating Crows, making him an ancestor of the Tori.

Personality Edit

Traits Edit

His favourite food is sushi.

His favourite animal is a crow. His second favourite animal is a rat.

He never leaves home without chalk or inscense.

He gets on well with people who aren't afraid to show him their strength.

He doesn't get on well with people who don't commit to things.

His bad habit is that he often gets carried away in the moment.

Gen Edit

Vincenzo wields the Daigen: Flesh-Eating Crows. He can turn parts of his body into crows which he can control. If he is injured, he can simply convert the wounded part of his body into a crow and make another crow eat it to heal him. If he suffers several severe wounds, he can expend Gen to convert his heart into a Soul Crow and, as long as that crow survives, he can rebuild himself in another location. He can also sprout wings and fly and change his eyes to that of a crows to better perceive moving objects. (Breakout, Destinies).

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Sejurno Destinies Edit

Breakout Arc Edit

Vincenzo appeared in an Empire controlled section of the Wasteland demanding an audience with the Emperor, defeating several of the Empire military who attempt to take him prisoner as they believe him to be a terrorist. After some time, Christopher Zin arrives at the scene to discover Vincenzo tattooing himself and the two engage in combat, which Vincenzo swifly wins. He spares Christophers life and reveals he is the 4th Chair of the Knights of the Round, and that he has made the journey to the Wasteland to request a meeting with the Emperor on behalf of the Republic's current Prime Minister. After the message is relayed, he departs.

Meeting Arc Edit

Vincenzo is one of the two military personnel who accompanies the Prime Minister during the official meeting of the Republic and the Empire.