Yami W. Kurayamino, known by his criminal alias Scorpion and temporarily as Ju Sakazuki, was a terrorist and serial killer who wielded the Akage Kigen: Red Lightning. He was the father of Kai Sanzyuda and Seiju Kurayamino and husband of Airen Sanzyuda. At the time of his death he was the #1 on the International Defence List, responsible for the deaths of many thousands of people. He was one of the founding members of the Kenkara, and a former disciple of the Crimson Sages.

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The circumstances surrounding Yami's birth are unknown, other than that he was born in Weston, the Republic (Strike, Sejurno Destinies). When he turned 10 he disappeared following the "Disappearing City Tragedy", where Weston was entirely eradicated and all its civillians killed. It is strongly believed that Yami caused this, however another theory is that he was kidnapped and raised by the group that did it (Promotion, Sejurno Empires).

Yami reappeared at 12 where he joined the Crimson Sages at Crimson Peak, Sage Islands. Unaware of his identity, The Crimson Sage accepted him as 'Ju Sakazuki' and he became the youngest pupil to join the academy. This was largely owning to his incredible Ge capabilities. During this time, he formed a close bond with the Crimson Sage. This led to the Crimson Sage secretly showing Ju the location of Aka's Stone. When Ju turned 15, he killed the Crimson Sage and stole the stone. He ingested it soon after and gained the Akage Kigen: Red Lightning (Zuba, Sejurno Empires).

Upon turning 19, Ju had already built up a sigificant criminal profile, appearing randomly in the Empire and Republic and killing several 100s at a time. He was raised to #3 on the IDL by Imperator Sextus and The 19th President. Whilst travelling the Wasteland, he met with Beetle and the #1 at the time Worm. Worm proposed an alliance between the three in order to take over the other factions, which the two agreed to. The alleigance was named the Kenkara (The 3 Headed Insect), and Worm gave Yami the nickame "Scorpion" after his lethal Kigen which resembled a poison barb (Kenkara, Sejurno Destinies).

Scorpion spent 20 years working for the Kenkara and building it into the Kenkara Organization of International Underground Trade, Security and Assasination. He left randomly when he was 29 and continued on an individual crime spree. The degree of criminality varied greatly, from minor theft to massacres, however all crimes were exclusively committed within the Republic.. It was during this crime spree that Scorpion unknowingly concieved Seiju Kuroyamino whilst assaulting a woman in Sperton, the Republic. These actions officially made him the #2 most wanted criminal in the world, putting both Republic and Empire authorities on high alert. Upon trying to flee the Republic Scorpion was discovered and wounded by a specialist team, however he managed to escape.

Scorpion was later found passed out on the Empire's shore by Airen Sanzyuda. As she was not aware of his identity, she took Scorpion into her home and nursed him back to health. He changed his physical appearance and began to lead his life under his previous alias Ju Sakazuki. He became romantically involved with the woman that saved him, Airen Sanzyuda, and the two married and eventually gave birth to a son who he named Kai. He raised his son while working as a lumber and claimed his Ge was weaker than it was. 3 years after the birth of his son, Ju murdered his wife in front of his son and left the Empire.

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Scorpion wielded the Akage Kigen: The Red Lightning.